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Steve Vaccaro


Vaccaro is a psychologist with his own nonprofit, Chapters Community Support Services. He is also a host of nearly a dozen cable TV shows. In one, “Chapters Rap,” he encourages people to share their past and present struggles and journeys to help them heal by giving them the chance to talk about their trauma while an audience provides feedback.

“I always had a natural passion for helping and giving back, so I started my show ‘Chapters Rap’ to educate, empower and advocate for families going through transitions,” Vaccaro said. “I’ve had a long career of supporting and educating people, and with that knowledge, my goal is not to look at the disability, but to look at the ability of people to help guide them.”

Steve Vaccaro

The Show

Starting with it's 1st broadcast on August 30th 2013, "The Chapters Rap" show with host Steven Vaccaro, continues weekly every Saturday from 3:00 to 4:00pm LIVE from WGBB's studio located in Babylon, New York. As a clinician, School Psychologist, teacher, advocate, coach, and parent for over 20 years, Steve's goal is to provide New York with outstanding radio entertainment, advocacy and informative up-to date news in "our" community, as well as some great music by local artists. Add some sports into the mix and you've got a great hour of radio!!!


Network & Community Support Services Inc

Chapters Community Support Services, a non-profit organization established in 2000 and the Chapters Rap Show created in 2013, both provide supportive services and an unconditional platform empowering individuals to share their voice and stories. Both promote positivity and a platform to overcome adversities in life through:

  • Counseling (Individual / Group)
  • Intensive Case-Management
  • Meditation
  • Cognitive, Behavioral, Educational, Vocational assessment
  • Job Placement, Job Coaching, Travel Training, Resume writing, Preparation for Job Interviews, Volunteer work
  • Appearances on Television, Radio and Community Events
  • Sharing your strengths behind a TV camera and radio microphone (Musicians, Authors, Athletes, Actors, Advocates, Religious/Business leaders, Students, Misc)
  • Producing and cohosting various shows
  • Writing for various online and newspaper publications
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